What are you searching for when you go out at night?

Guateque is a multidisciplinary project that transports us to a night party. Two prominent figures who reveal his fears, his ego, experiencing meetings and misunderstandings by means of the game of the seduction and the fight of power.
Guateque represents " what might occur and did not occur or " what might be and it finally does happen”.
Guateque gets excited and does to thrill moving to an atmosphere of reflection.


Direction and choreography: Eduardo Torres and Saioa Fernández

Audio-visual: Diego Dorado and Xuban Intxausti

Music composition: Aurelien Rotureau





18 ABR   

25 ABR   

14 JUN

25 JUL   




29 MAY   

1 JUN 

6-9 JUN  
20 JUN   

5 JUL    

9 JUL    

25 JUL     

31 JUL 

1 AGO  

14 AGO 

16 AGO   

22 AGO  

23 AGO 

3 SEP      

26 SEP   

27 SEP   

31 OCT 




11 MAY     

28 JUN     

2-4 AGO 




19 - 22 JUL 

25-26 JUL  

10 AGO    

19 AGO    

24-26 AGO

28 AGO    

23 SEP    

28-30 SEP 

8 DIC          



Barcelona (Catalunya)

Olot (Catalunya)

Badia del Valles (Catalunya)

Teatro a Corte - Torino (IT)


San Fernándo de Henares (Madrid)

Auditorio de Tenerife (Canarias)

Europäisches Strassentheater Festival - Detmold (DE)
Teatro Buero Vallejo - Guadalajara

Fuenlabrada (Madrid)

Muschelsalat Festival - Hagen (DE)

Teatro Auditorio de Revellín - Ceuta

La Roda (Albacete)

Higueruela (Albacete)

Beckum (DE)

Troisdorf (DE)

Fuentealbilla (Albacete)


Almansa (Albacete)

Leioa (Euskadi)

TNT Terrassa - Terrassa (Catalunya)

Teatro Jovellanos - Gijón (Asturias)



Ateneu 9Barris - Barcelona (Cataluña)

Festival des Arts Nomades - Cran Gevrier (FR)

Spraoi Festival - Waterford (IE)  




Chalon Dans la Rue - Chalon sur Saone (FR)

Festival Olala - Lienz (AT)

La muralla en Danza - Iruña

Pons (FR)

Festival Spoffin - Amersfort (NL)

Niort (FR)

Sofia Dance Week - Sofía (BG)

Mercat de les Flors - Barcelona (Catalunya)

Antwerpen (BE)