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Three people. A wall. Conversations by means of movement.
‘uno’ is about the importance of being part, getting the balance, and having everything under control. It is about the fear to look at, fear about glances, fear to know yourself and the fear.
Loneliness. Going forward, running, and maybe breaking away, chasing what? What?
Interactions, behaviors and movement structures by means of Fibonacci maths sequence. The fusion between the personal physical language and the classical dancing will be the instrument to carry out this performance.
“Someone is any nameless face we pass each other in the street. This particular way anyone has to go along with himself, to take himself by the hand. (…) It´s always someone you meet by chance: someone who goes or comes, that pushes or crawls and when going by, allows a glimpse of his history.”
Miguel Morey


Direction: Saioa Fernández
Directorial assistance: Eduardo Torres
Chorégraphie: Saioa Fernández, Eduardo Torres and Sheila Ferrer
Music composition: Manuel Dabove

 Technician of lighting and sound: Genis Morral
Costume: Delrevés

Photograph: Frank Díaz

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